Kangaroo bag

The main area of application for the kangaroo collection bag is during a spontaneous delivery where there is a higher blood loss. However, the cloth can also be used in all other situations in which the measurement of body fluids such as blood etc. is relevant.

The kangaroo collection bag is placed under the pelvis in the event of imminent, increased blood loss. The blood loss can be easily measured and the blood safely drained through the opening at the bottom.

If more blood loss is to be expected, the kangaroo bag is placed under the pelvis using two straps. The transparent V-shaped plastic bag is then positioned using an integrated metal strip. A “net” is incorporated in the middle part of the bag to retain solid particles. A measuring scale is printed underneath.

Advantages at a glance:

  • for collecting and measuring blood etc.
  • Can be used during childbirth or in the operating theater
  • Slide-in tabs right/left for optimum handling
  • Wide support surface of 93 cm
  • central fleece layer for skin comfort
  • V-shaped funnel bag (width 68cm, length 70cm)
  • incl. Metal stability strips
  • integrated safety net
  • Markings from 100 – 2,500 ml
  • Drainage opening with closure at the top

Product details:

  • Art. No. 2564
  • Disposable/sterile
  • Length 95 cm
  • Width 112cm
  • 25 pieces/pkg.