Tornado flue gas cauterizer

The Tornado smoke cautery is a special medical instrument developed for use in surgical procedures. This cautery is equipped with an innovative function that allows the smoke and steam generated during electrocoagulation to be extracted.

The Tornado smoke evacuator is the ultimate combination of electrosurgery and removal of hazardous smoke gases in one device. The product has a unique triangular design which, combined with the silicone sheath, provides the surgeon with a perfect ergonomic and secure grip. The ultra-soft microswitch pushbuttons offer the user additional comfort due to the exceptional tactile feedback. As the product is latex-, lead-, PVC- and phthalate-free, surgical procedures can be carried out without any consideration for the health of staff and patients.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Unique triangular design from the tip to the end
  • Ultra-soft press studs for more comfort
  • Silicone cover with maximum grip
  • Transparent tip for a clear view of the electrode
  • Flexible hose with integrated ESU cable
  • Ready to use, no assembly of the suction tip or electrode required

Product details:

Art. No. C31-19-002
Cautery with integrated fume extraction system
Standard electrode with holder
Disposable product / sterile
10 pieces/pkg.

Art. No. C31-19-102
Cautery with integrated fume extraction system
Coated electrode with holder (no sticking)
Disposable product / sterile
10 pieces/pkg.

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