Staple seam

The Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler offers optimum seam quality thanks to precise stapling and cutting.

The convex surface technology of the reloading magazines improves the grip force and increases the frictional force between the magazine and the fabric contact surface, which prevents the fabric from leaking and ensures good seam quality. The strength of the titanium staples and the reloading magazines is higher than that of similar products, the anastomosis is more pressure-resistant and the titanium staples have a higher tensile strength, which is suitable for thicker and harder tissue.

The linear arrangement of the magazine is high and has a large circumference. For example, the black magazine can sew fabric with a thickness of up to 9 mm. The height of the closed staples is more precise, effectively improving the reliability and safety of seam stapling. 6 rows of suture clamps with a cutting blade running down the middle ensure better blood supply to the sutured tissue and better hemostasis at the cut edge. Complete series of 19 models of reloading magazines that meet the requirements of different tissue thicknesses and surgical sites.

The reloading magazines can only be used with the Medovis staple seam device!

Advantages at a glance:

  • The release is gentle and simple and effectively prevents tissue from leaking due to pressure during manual release.
  • The fabric is evenly cut, sewn and perfectly shaped.
  • Simultaneous three-row stapling with uniform application of force from the beginning to the end of the seam.
  • Pre-pressing the tissue in preparation for the titanium staple suture.
  • Water drop-shaped grooves facilitate the guidance of the titanium clamp feet during the molding process and thus reduce leakage.
  • Double release safety with forced retraction and manual safety, which effectively prevents accidental release during the operation.