Parvus 3.5 Fr urinary catheter

The 3.5 Fr Parvus urinary catheter (Ø 1.2 mm) is a specially developed medical product designed for use in premature babies. The urinary catheter is used to precisely measure the premature baby's urine output and ensure continuous monitoring.

The 3.5 Fr Parvus urinary drainage catheter is used to obtain urine cultures and accurate urine output in neonates and children. The silicone material of the Parvus urinary catheter minimizes urethral irritation and incrustations. This preferred urinary diversion method eliminates the inconvenience and measurement errors associated with weighing diapers.


The 3.5 Fr Parvus urinary catheter is a closed urinary drainage system with a silicone elastomer urethral catheter that is used for precise urine excretion in newborns and children.


The silicone catheter has a soft, rounded tip and a non-wettable surface to reduce trauma during insertion.
The biocompatible, non-reactive silicone minimizes urethral irritation and crust formation.

Product details:

Art. No. BY-7*3-3.5fr
Catheter Ø 3.5 Fr 1.2 mm
Disposable product
10 pieces/box

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