Parvus 3.5 Fr urinary catheter set

The Parvus urinary catheter set is a closed urinary drainage system that can be used to accurately measure urine output in newborns and children. The Parvus urinary catheter set consists of a pre-assembled 3.5 Fr silicone urinary drainage catheter, a three-way stopcock for sampling purposes and a 100 ml burette for accurate measurement of urine output.

The pre-assembled, sterile, closed system reduces the risk of infection.
The stopcock with injection point enables the sampling of uncontaminated samples in the middle stream.
The 100 ml collection burette enables precise measurement of urine excretion.
The silicone bladder catheter has a soft, rounded tip and a non-wettable surface to reduce trauma during insertion.
The biocompatible, non-reactive silicone minimizes urethral irritation and crusting associated with latex and PVC materials used in other catheters.
The catheter is also available separately.

The set consists of:

1. biocompatible 3.5 Fr urinary catheter.
2. soft, rounded tip.
3. stopcock with latex-free injection point.
4. 100 ml collection burette with drain tap.
5. 100 ml urine collection bag.

Product details:

Art. No. BY-7*3 for baby
Catheter Ø 3.5 Fr 1.2 mm
Disposable product
10 pieces/box

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