OR table overlay (265g)

The monopolar operating table overlay with a weight of 265g offers optimum safety. Its super absorbent properties allow it to soak up and dry liquids quickly, making it ultra strong and reliable. This ensures increased safety on the operating table by reducing the risk of slipping and sliding accidents.

The resilient, tear-resistant Medovis support ensures that even heavy patients are brought safely to and from the operating table. Blood, secretions, urine and other fluids are immediately collected by the highly absorbent absorbent core and securely bound in just a few seconds. The skin-friendly, smooth surface ensures a dry lying surface. The hydrophobic, breathable underside creates a germ barrier and thus a plus in hygiene, as it protects patients, surgeons, staff and equipment from contamination.

The electrical insulating properties of the special polyethylene carrier film enable the patient to be safely isolated from the operating table during high-frequency surgery, thereby preventing burns.

Advantages at a glance:



  • Disposable OR table pad with extremely strong absorbent core
  • Low cleaning effort
  • Significant improvement in hygiene
  • Economically sensible
  • Easy positioning of the patient
  • Patient lies dry
  • Moisture absorption 10000 ml
  • Insulation to the operating table against HF current




Product details:

  • Art. No. ME21081
  • OR table overlay with absorbent core
  • 265g/m²
  • 210 x 80 cm
  • Disposable product / non-sterile
  • 20 pieces/carton.