MoniTemp 6 Fr

The 6 Fr MoniTemp universal temperature probe has been specially developed for the continuous measurement and monitoring of body temperature for neonates.

The universal temperature probes for rectal use have been specially developed for premature babies and are available from size 6 Fr. which corresponds to a diameter of only 2 mm. They are made of a very soft material and have a very high measuring accuracy.

The universal temperature probes are available from 6 Fr. and are therefore perfect for premature babies. The probes can be used for rectal measurements, but can also be used on other parts of the body. They have an excellent measuring accuracy of ± 0.1°C in the range of 25°C – 45°C and are available for all common monitors and incubators.

Product details:

  • Art. No. TGN-1191-75
  • Type: YSI-400 Series
  • Size: 6 Fr
  • Measuring accuracy from 25°C to 45°C = + – 0.1°C
  • Disposable product
  • non-sterile
  • 25 pieces/pkg.
  • Application see downloads: Brochure