Flue gas filter

The smoke filter was specially developed for use during laparoscopic procedures. This medical device enables simple, safe and extremely effective removal of the surgical smoke produced during such operations. With an impressive filter efficiency of 99.99%, the flue gas filter reliably removes pollutants from the smoke.

The sterile disposable laparoscopic smoke filter from Medovis prevents contamination and protects both the equipment and the staff in the operating room. Dangerous exposure to viruses among medical personnel is significantly reduced. With a filter efficiency of 99.99%, activated carbon ensures the removal of toxic chemicals and associated odors.

The use of the Medovis smoke filter shortens the operating time by virtually eliminating the need for an interruption to release the accumulated smoke gases that obstruct the surgeon’s view. The filter removes most of the harmful substances, almost all biological materials that could be contained and a large part of the odor nuisance.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Removal of harmful chemicals and associated odors
  • Shortened operating time
  • protects equipment and personnel
  • 99.99% filter efficiency
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Product details:

Art. No. ME16000
Flue gas filter with regulator
Length 400 mm
Single use
8 pieces/carton.