Disposable cautery

The monopolar disposable cautery / ESU pencil including spatula electrode is a special medical instrument developed for surgical procedures where accuracy and safety are of great importance. This cautery is characterized by its precise, safe and sensitive application and enables procedures to be performed with a high degree of accuracy. The product guarantees both performance and comfort during the entire surgical process and thus contributes to successful operations.

The high-quality Medovis disposable electrode handle offers performance and comfort when cutting and coagulating. Its light streamlined shape and a non-slip surface structure on the back enable precise, fatigue-free working. The CUT (yellow) and COAG (blue) buttons with a clearly tactile and audible click are ergonomically positioned. The disposable cautery from Medovis is compatible with all common HF devices and meets the highest safety standards.

Product details:

Art. No. CPW07C-5
including removable spatula electrode
2 push buttons (cutting and coagulation)
3-pin plug with 5 m cable length

Disposable electrosurgical electrodes in various sizes. Versions:

Ball electrode
Knife electrode
Needle electrode
Colorado needle
Colorado needle
Loop electrode