Bed protection pad (265g)

The monopolar bed protection pad was specially developed to protect bed sheets and mattresses from soiling caused by incontinence. With its super-absorbent and quick-drying properties, it is able to absorb large quantities of liquid. The product is also characterized by its ultra-strong materials, which guarantee high durability. The product is ideal for home nursing care and for use in retirement and nursing homes.

The safe monopolar pad from Medovis is not only suitable for bladder weakness and incontinence, but also for excessive sweating and for all those who easily spill something due to trembling hands. Blood, secretions, urine and other fluids are immediately collected by the highly absorbent absorbent core and securely bound in just a few seconds.

The skin-friendly, smooth surface ensures a dry lying surface. The hydrophobic, breathable underside creates a germ barrier and thus a plus in hygiene. Liquids and odors are retained excellently, users and bedding are protected.

Advantages at a glance:



  • Disposable bed protection pad with extremely strong absorbent core
  • Low cleaning effort
  • Significant improvement in hygiene
  • Economically sensible
  • Easy positioning of the patient
  • Patient lies dry
  • Moisture absorption 10000 ml





Product details:

  • Art. No. ME21081
  • OR table overlay with absorbent core
  • 265g/m²
  • 210 x 80 cm
  • Disposable product / non-sterile
  • 20 pieces/carton.